What we did

ADAKOU Project (February 2014):
We have set up a hairdressing salon for Adakou. Adakou graduated at the local Hairdressing School, she is 35 years old and lives in a neighborhood on the outskirts of Lomè (Togo). A few months ago she lost her boyfriend in a car accident while she was expecting a baby who, unfortunately, was stillborn on 31st August 2013. The young girl needed help to find new reason to keep on living and work for her livelihood. This project of self-helping also aims to be an opportunity for the vocational education of other needy girls at Adakou hairdressing salon. The project cost was approximately of € 1500.

Adakou's hair salon inauguration - Lomè (Togo)

On 10th August 2013, on the occasion of the third trip of the members of the organization to Togo, the third Butterfly Well was opened. The well was built on a site donated by the Parish "Sacré-Coeur de Jésus de Keve," for the benefit of the entire village. The parish is located 50 km north-west of Lomè, the capital city of Togo. Before that the population had no access to drinking water; people used to drink rainwater collected in two large tanks. The third Butterfly Well is dedicated to Maria Rosaria Santoro, who died on 1st January 2013: she was a great supporter of our organization. We are very happy and proud to inaugurate this work only one year after the laying of the foundation stone. The total cost of the project was of € 15.000.Our heartfelt thanks to all our partners and associates.

The Third “Butterfly Well” opening ceremony

Luca Caricato, who joined our second trip to Togo, made a reportage to advertise what our organization has done and is still doing in Togo.

"Producing and directing a reportage would have been very difficult and expensive. I warmly thank my friends who helped me to realize this reportage providing their expertise and their enthusiasm."
Luca Caricato (www.lucacaricato.it)

The Premiére of the reportage was presented on 19th June 2013 in Potenza. The full reportage is online both in Italian and in French language; if you want to watch it please go to the links below. A heartfelt thank you to Luca Caricato director and producer, Antonello Amati, Michele Tesoro and Valeria Spagnuolo for the soundtrack, Genny Solimando for the dubbing in French and Fire Fly Audio for their service during the screenings.
Full version in italian
Full version in French

After many difficulties, we managed to open the multipurpose building in the village of Alatug. The building includes a tank of 65 cubic meters for the collection of rainwater and a concrete structure to house the village people meetings, as well as lessons and activities for the village children. The President Corrado Amodeo opened the structure on 4th August 2011.

The Second “Butterfly Well” opening ceremony

GLORIA Project (October 2010)
Thanks to your help we were able to fund Gloria and open her own tailor’s shop. The shop opened on 1st October 2010. We are still supporting Gloria with various materials so as to allow the continuity of her business. In addition to that, Gloria project aims to create opportunities for the vocational education of other needy girls at "Gloria's Laboratory".

A picture of Gloria in her tailor’s shop

The first Butterfly Well has been built. It opened on 25th  september 2010 with a cost around  € 16.000. Really a precious gift to the population of Apukedji to solve the huge problem of the supply of drinking water, and help improve the children health conditions. The well is now available to the public and is managed by a committee made up of 3 women and 2 men, including the deputy head of the village.

The First “Butterfly Well” opening ceremony