About us

From a chrysalis destined to death to a butterfly twirled of life...

The project was born to remember Umberto Amodeo (died on 5th September 1999 due to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosiswith the aim of building wells in Togo, where drinking water is still an inaccessible primary need.
This adventure is an exciting experience of solidarity with our togolese brothers. We were born on 5th September 2009 and in these years we have been organizing activities and events to meet people and share ideas, enthusiasm and tasks.
With the collaboration so many friends full of goodwill, in 2010 we built the first "Well of the Butterfly", dedicated to Umberto Amodeo but we won't stop, we have already built two more wells and we are working to build an Educational Center dedicated to Domenico Lorusso.
Yes, from a chrysalis destined to death now we have become a butterfly twirled of life!





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