Future Projects

Building the Educational Center Domenico Lorusso

The next project of our association involves the construction of an educational center with the aim of training young Togolese people to offer them employment opportunities and self-development. We also&nbspwish the Center to become the Association Headquarters in Togo (our association has been recognized by the Togolese government as an NGO) and our base there as well.
The center will be dedicated to Domenico Lorusso, our great supporter, who died tragically in May 2013.
Thanks to the "Ordine degli Ing. Potenza" we have now a 3D view of the project. With your help we hope that our plan will not be so ambitious.


CONSTRUCTION PROGRESS (updated January 2024):
  • Purchased field 6.000 €
  • Enclosure + Wastewater tank 12.000 €
  • Well for water 14.000 €
  • Basement of the structure and walls of the ground floor 32.500 €
  • Building the floor slab 27.000 €
  • Doors and windows installation 7.965 €
  • Application of plaster for all the building 8.100 €
  • Sending of a container from Italy with bathroom fixture, toilet, tiles etc. 2.800 € shipping + 4.500 € custom duties
  • Application of materials arrived by shipping and ground floor finalisation 10.000 €
  • Purchase of  generator set and welding kit 2.700 €
  • Purchase of materials (cement, steel) for first floor and roof construction 15.000 €
  • Fabrication of bricks for first floor 5.000 € 
  • Walls of the first floor 10.000 €
  • Building the roof 16.000 €
  • Finishin the first floor: plaster, floors, doors and windows 35.500 €
  • Purchase and installation of one kitchen, sanitary ware, washbasin, taps, tiles, water heaters and pipe fittings for the first floor 21.500 €
  • Construction of railings and another waste water tank 7.200 €
  • Connection to electricity 9.300
  • Ground Floor Furniture 20.000 € 
TOTAL: 283.061,20 €

Next step:

Tour inside the Educational Center
December 2023

Video about the construction progress (Italian version)
January 2022

Video about the construction progress (ENG. sub.)
December 2019

Works updates on ground floor
July 2019

Work Updates from the construction site
August 2014