Songs and Words among Feelings and Cheerfulness 🎭

Here we are: at last we are ready to celebrate our 10th birthday!!!
...and why not meet at the theatre where things started 10 years ago?

It was 5th September 2009; some friends of mine decided to organized a theatre show in  memory of Umberto Amodeo,10  years after he had passed away. Nowadays, 10 years after that first event, and 20 years after his death, here we are again doing what we really like to, that is, organize events, theatre shows and enjoy nice evenings together in the name of goodwill, charity, remembrance, joy and cheerfulness. 

The theatre company "La Maschera & Friends" together with the BOOM choir and its teachers as guest stars will stage the show: 
Songs and Words among Feelings and Cheerfulness

 On Saturday 23rd November at 8.30 p.m. at the Cineteatro Don Bosco

Tickets will enter a draw to win 5 jewels offered by Manuela Telesca.

Info and tickets: 📮 or 🕿 3494404818
Start at 8.30 p.m.

All money raised will be used for the construction of the Educational Centre Domenico Lorusso

Graphic by Antonio Rufrano